What is Quality Call Monitoring?

Think of it as mystery shopping real life situations. With this program, we conduct a mystery shopping program using actual inbound customer calls - by evaluating actual interactions, it gives companies a unique and cost effective view into service levels, employee knowledge, and overall staff performance.

Many companies have internal methods for evaluating calls, but utilizing a formal QCM program is cost effective and more thorough than typical internal procedures. 

This is an exceptional program for the B2B industry as well as any industry utilizing a call center for customer service.

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple! Our dedicated Account Managers will access the software used for your call center and select calls based on your criteria. A "score card" will be created, very similar to a mystery shopping report, for evaluation purposes.

You select the number of calls, type of calls (simple inquiries, problem resolution calls, etc) and we do the rest!

You will receive a report for each call evaluated, and also have access to analytical reports to make sense of the data you collect.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Instead of using internal staff to do periodic evaluations, a formal QCM program can provide deeper analysis and evaluation at a fraction of the cost. This saves companies time and money.
  • Like mystery shopping, the results of the evaluations can be used as part of employee performance and evaluation programs.
  • For the B2B sector, this is an exceptionally useful and efficient tool compared to traditional mystery shopping - no need to create fictitious accounts/companies for shopping purposes, no additional setup required.
  • Used as a complement to mystery shopping, results from the QCM program can be analyzed to pinpoint customer service challenges. From there, develop a mystery shopping program focusing on specific customer touchpoints/scenarios to make the most of your program.