Satisfaction Programs

Our customer feedback programs are coupled with a suite of analytical reports and allow you multiple access points to engage with your customers. Use any of the services as a stand alone product, or utilize several of the customer touchpoints to get the volume of data you need. If you have a mystery shopping program in place, we can easily tie all of the data together in one portal for easy access and analysis - monitor the objective & subjective data coming in to make quick, actionable decisions.


Customer Engagement Console (CeC)

Meet the newest form of in the moment customer feedback & engagement! This versatile console is placed in high traffic areas of your business and allows customers to provide feedback, opt in to email/SMS marketing programs, get assistance in finding the right product for their needs, and learn about new products & services through video and image messaging. Coupons and email/text alert notifications keep customer satisfaction levels high. Continue on to our Customer Engagement Console page to learn more.


Mobile Feedback

The majority of your customers are now using their mobile phones to make purchases, decide where to shop and dine out, and share reviews with friends and family online. Mobile feedback gives businesses a way to get customers to easily share feedback directly with you. Through a unique URL and/or QR code, customers can take a quick survey to share their thoughts. They also have capabilities to share images with you for quality control purposes as well as gamification and promotions. Coupons are provided for immediate or future use as an incentive for participation. Continue on to our Mobile Feedback information center to get more information.


Telephone Based Customer Satisfaction Surveys/ 1-800 Feedback

Customers are invited to call a toll free number to take a survey based on their experience. Our ENS (Early Notification System) will alert key members of your organization to poor experiences, allowing you the opportunity to follow up with dissatisfied customers quickly. Integrate toll free number on receipts, invoices, and other materials that come in contact with your customers.


Web Based Customer Feedback

Automate your paper feedback cards! Invite customers to a page on your website to provide feedback. You can also opt to email your customers on a one-time or continual basis to obtain customer satisfaction and feedback with our services. Our analytical reports allow you to drill down to reveal trends within your organization. This program generates immediate, actionable results and a better response rate than traditional mailings or outbound telephone surveys.


Employee Feedback Services

Your employees are the face of your business; they provide the first impression for your customers. Are you sure they are satisfied in their position? Do they feel they have enough training and support to be successful? Using any of the techniques for customer feedback, you can easily incorporate an employee feedback program that is anonymous and readily available to employees when they need to share information with you. Whether it's a stand alone console, QR code, or web/phone based program, let your employees know their thoughts are welcome and valuable to the success of your company.