Social Media Services

Social Media Evaluation is a vital component of measuring the customer experience

Social media has evolved, and has quickly turned into a customer service channel. As customer demands increase, and the need for quick turnaround in response times, no matter what the channel, companies need to be certain that they have the appropriate measures in place to handle the increase customer service inquiries in social media.

As an integral part of the customer experience, social media should not be overlooked, whether it is directly on a company's social sites or other sites that are not directly tied to the company. Ann Michaels & Associates is a leader in embracing technological advances and creating services to monitor and measure all facets of customer touchpoints.

Now is a great time to look at your current measurement tools and consider incorporating social media services into your customer service experience measurement programs. We offer the following customized programs:

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Social Media Customer Service:

Just like with traditional mystery shopping programs, social media mystery shopping evaluates customer service aspects of social sites. Shoppers will pose as traditional customers and make inquiries on a company's social sites. Key aspects to be evaluate include response time, knowledge, appropriateness of response, and follow up when appropriate.

Social Media Integration:

Many companies run mystery shopping programs as well as a customer feedback program. Often times, however, the programs are run across different interfaces, resulting in data across multiple platforms. Some companies have made this process efficient, using one company for both services. This way, data is housed in one platform, and the data from both programs is instantly available on reports.

Social media data is no exception. Utilizing a social media program, online conversations are collected and compiled into a simple report, allowing companies to easily view the "health" of their online conversations. This data is imported into the same portal as mystery shopping and/or customer feedback programs, and with each report, data from all customer experience programs is displayed.

Social Media Customer Service Monitoring:

Just because a company has social sites, it doesn't ensure that customers will turn to those sites to ask questions, vent, or share feedback. Often times this happens on message boards, forums, and social sites where the customer is not connected to the company. Social media customer service monitoring assists companies in finding those pieces of data so they do not get "lost in the shuffle" and a company representative can engage and respond just as they would to an inquiry/complaint/question directly on their social sites. Social media monitoring is an effective tool in finding and responding to these social interactions, giving the company additional positive interactions and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Additionally, using this service will allow companies to identify trends and areas for improvement before they become a major issue. Identifying trends and dispatching a mystery shop schedule for locations, regions, or group of locations that are showing negative trends can provide deeper information. This gives the company the opportunity to address issues and provide additional training as needed.